Fashion Design, Vitamins & a Problem to Solve

I've been asked a number of times what inspired me to create Face Mask Love.

I already have my delightful Cydney Mar Wellness Vitamin Line, Cydney Mar Consulting, a very cute 6-month-old puppy called Princess Shilo & a chatty Blue of Happiness called Chuk.

As COVID-19 sideswiped all of us, I was hearing my friends asking for sewing machines to sew fabric face masks, I thought, well if you don't have a sewing machine, just fold up a scarf!

I did a video showing people how they could fold a pleated scarf, approximately what size & how to place it easily to be a comfortable multilayer mask that would do in a jiffy. 

And then my friends said, hey! we don't really have scarves that size!

Ok, so no sewing machines, no scarves... now what??

And so I realized that perhaps my friends, community & perhaps the world at large needed a choice of excellent face masks for all of their different lifestyle needs.

I decided to call upon my good friends in the fashion business to see who was open & operational and got to work.  

I have a desire to solve problems, put my talents to good use ( gee being in the fashion business for over 30 years, I could design lovely masks! ) It is also a pleasure to donate masks to those in need to help the communities at large.

Face Mask Love was born, and my manufacturing partners & I are here to design & create wonderful choices of face masks for all occasions.