About Us

Hi, my name is Cydney Mar & I was inspired to create Face Mask Love during the COVID-19 crisis for a few reasons. Many of us as civilians were scrambling to find face masks that offered a modicum of protection without infringing on the much needed medical masks the front-liners required so desperately and to whom we owed our very existence.

I thought about the options available to us out there, and wished I could find some convertible styles, some prettier ones, ones that might even match my outfit. I mean, hey! if this is going to be a healthy lifestyle choice then what can I create that is comfortable, does the trick as much as a fabric face mask can offer, and that is kind to the environment ( you know washable, reusable & has some pockets so I can pop in some filters? )

And that was how Face Mask Love was born.

I am a former international fashion designer and I thought my design days were set aside, as I had segued into vitamins & supplements as well as business & product development consulting. 

My company is is a certified Aboriginal Company. 

Revolution Group are my manufacturers, dear friends who have tons of experience, with whom I have produced tons of goods & are nice as pie. It makes our work a delight to be able to bring you terrific solutions for civilian face masks.

Face Mask Love was born of  a need and it is my desire to offer the world some fashionable alternatives in non-medical fabric face masks that will help you get on with life, feel a bit more yourself, and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

I have how to fold a face mask tutorials for those who wish to use what they have, as well as beautiful silk & cotton options. 

I love creating lifestyle products that you love so if you have an idea for a face mask that you need, please contact me!

We all have reasons why we make healthier choices, mine are to take care of my precious Princess Shilo & my chatty Budgie called Chuk. What are yours?

Stay safe & share the love,