FAQ's About USD on a Canadian Website

I've been asked by a few of our intrepid Canadian clients why a Face Mask Love, a Canadian company that is designing & producing here in beautiful Montreal, is charging in USD?? 

Well, we set out to design & manufacture in our wonderful Canadian quality, fashionable face masks. We knew that people ALL over the world would want them & set out to price in USD,  international currency for global sales. 

As a former fashion designer who sold in 8 countries around the world, I LOVE exporting our beautifully made goods. Imagine how fun it was to export domestically produced fashions in China, Japan, the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia as well as selling here in Canada?

We have set a currency converter on our website, so that you can feel comfortable knowing the approximate currency conversions while you are purchasing. The check out must be in USD, as it points to our USD Bank. There is not much I can do about that. 

You will see your credit card charges converted from USD to your currency on your credit card statement.

And that is why, since SO many people in countries around the world LOVE our quality & design that I choose to set the prices in USD... EVERYONE around the world LOVES Canadian design & quality.