Revolution Group, Our Manufacturing Partner

Revolution Group is our manufacturing partner for many reasons ~ 

I've had the pleasure of being friends for over 30 years with Brian Trottenberg, president of Revolution Group. He has always been nice as pie, helpful & professional. His values & mine align beautifully in how we like to approach the world, keeping family, friends & community near.

Brian has always impressed me with his professionalism and kindness in how he deals with everything. His consistent philanthropy over the years, his constant desire to improve the company & how it supports the industry.

Revolution Group owns Revolution Textiles has grown from textiles, garment making and home decor,  ensuring both domestic production here in Canada as well as having boots on the ground in China. 

So when I discussed Face Mask Love  with Brian, he was all in, knowing we could offer the world some terrific options for what the world is facing now, continue to support our favourite charities & some new ones, too.

Here is a wonderful article about Revolution Group, published in 2019.